Other blogs about E-Waste


That blog gives good background info about e-waste and talks about e-waste recycling as a business.



talks about taking apart your electronics and selling them for parts…interesting



Just a thought about batteries

Wouldn’t it be cool if when you bought a battery, or any electronic, the packaging told you where you could discard your product once you’re all done with it. I mean, they have it on beverage containers. I think it would be great if all electronics had that cash redemption value, so you could bring it back to the store, get a couple bucks (or more, depending on the product), and be on your merry way. Then you’re happy, because you got some money back, and the worlds happy because those electronics can be used again…and not mistakenly put in a landfill, or in a rural stream, or shipped back to China or Africa and put in a landfill there.


Thats all, thanks for hearin me out.

The EU has something called Extended Producer Responsibility. You may have seen the “green dot” symbol..(the one in the middle)

.green dot

which is used in European product packaging, but can also be seen on packaging in the US. You buy something and it has this dot to show that the manufacturer has paid some to take responsibility for the disposal costs. That’s nice, isn’t it. Share the burden. Don’t just put the burden of figuring out how to dispose of things to the consumer. Thats how it is in the US today.