The Devil Wears Plaid Kilts

“Just another manic Monday” is playing on the radio as I drive the studio’s rented white minivan to pick up the kilt and circle glasses wearing ginger costume designer and drive him to the studio. I am a production assistant, all of the sudden. Don’t ask how I ended up with this job in myContinue reading “The Devil Wears Plaid Kilts”

Chimpfo (Chimpanzee Info)

Hello Readers, Just wanted to share some thrilling chimpfo with you. I donated some money to the Jane Gooddall Institute a while back because I love what they do,  and they sent me a little biography of one of the chimps they rescued in the Congo. See this link to read about chimpy, the chimp I apparentlyContinue reading “Chimpfo (Chimpanzee Info)”