Tennessee Bound – Missouri

Hello All,

At the greyhound station in Columbia, Missouri, where I’ve spent the last few days waiting for the solar eclipse.

Highlights here– heat, the solar eclipse, and electrosensitivity.

During my few days here in Columbia, I had the pleasure of meeing a woman with a condition I’d never heard of before, known as electrosensativity. Now, I don’t know much about it, but from what I understood from this encounter, some people are very sensative to electromagnetic currents and can become very sick from exposure, which is pretty much everywhere these days. That is the case with my hostess. To accomodate her condition, we guests made sure to turn our phones onto airplane mode while we were in her house and in the car.

This encounter made me more aware of cell towers and my cell phone’s proximity to me. Its not a bad idea to turn your cell phone to airplane mode at least at night, when you’re not using it, especially if you sleep with it near your dome, aka your head.

Ok, gotta go, watching Trumpy give his address.

Lots of love,