Palestine’s Fine Excerpt: Chapter 1

Chapter 1 The Allenby Bridge “Wait what? This bus is going to Palestine?” Ruh-roh. also: …. second 31. The West Bank was exactly the place I did NOT want to be going. Surprised, yet not utterly shocked by my circumstance, I was both intrigued and a bit afraid of what was coming next. People had … More Palestine’s Fine Excerpt: Chapter 1

Hay Day, A Near Miss, and Poke Berries (WWOOF Update)

Hello hello family, friends, et al. The last week at Mountain Hollow Farm has been pretty quiet, but eventful in a way. Two days ago I accidentally ran over one of the goats! Oh no! I know what you’re thinking…”Kelly, you’re horrible.” I know. It was horrible, but he’s ok! Miracle. Limping a bit, but … More Hay Day, A Near Miss, and Poke Berries (WWOOF Update)

Sunday Funday

Hello All, Happy Sunday, again. Made it through another week, again, with a full moon, woo! Updates from Mountain Hollow Farm: The male goats are in “Rut” which to me means smell really bad and are feelin’ frisky. Apparently they do all sorts of gross stuff to make themselves “attractive” to the female goats, who … More Sunday Funday