Palestine’s Fine: Introduction

This is a story about when I accidentally went to Palestine in the Winter of 2014. “Wait what? This bus is going to Palestine?” Surprised, yet not utterly shocked by my circumstance, I was both intrigued and alarmed by the situation at hand. How did I get myself HERE? I wondered. No stranger to pickles, thisContinue reading “Palestine’s Fine: Introduction”

Hay Day, A Near Miss, and Poke Berries (WWOOF Update)

Hello hello family, friends, et al. The last week at Mountain Hollow Farm has been pretty quiet, but eventful in a way. Two days ago I accidentally ran over one of the goats! Oh no! I know what you’re thinking…”Kelly, you’re horrible.” I know. It was horrible, but he’s ok! Miracle. Limping a bit, butContinue reading “Hay Day, A Near Miss, and Poke Berries (WWOOF Update)”

MacGruber Wreath- Step-by-Step

Calling all Crafters and Florists: What can you do with unbent paperclips, some twine, and stuff you collect in the forrest…make a wreath! If you’re clever, like McGruber, you can make this without spending a dime. Here’s how: You will need: the great outdoors clippers collect: moss ivy hearty foliage (like so…) an assortment ofContinue reading “MacGruber Wreath- Step-by-Step”

Weekend Update – Yarn Store

Hello all, Just another weekend update from Mountain Hollow Farm over in Tazewell, Tennessee. This week I spent hours and hours shovelling shit. It was good. And I finished burning that wood pile…see before and after…(Notice the giant pile of sticks and logs behind the burning pile of wood), …and now its pretty close toContinue reading “Weekend Update – Yarn Store”

Sunday Funday

Hello All, Happy Sunday, again. Made it through another week, again, with a full moon, woo! Updates from Mountain Hollow Farm: The male goats are in “Rut” which to me means smell really bad and are feelin’ frisky. Apparently they do all sorts of gross stuff to make themselves “attractive” to the female goats, whoContinue reading “Sunday Funday”

History Lesson – Cumberland Gap

Don’t worry, I’ve already turned myself in to the fashion police for wearing those socks with those sandals. In other news, today I went through 3 states: Tennessee, the Volunteer state, Kentucky, and Virginia, which apparently is for lovers, all in about 15 minutes.   The mission was to visit Martin’s Station, an old frontierContinue reading “History Lesson – Cumberland Gap”

Sunday Funday, WWOOF Update

Hello Readers, Happy Sunday. We’ve all survived another week. Woo hoo. Today at Mountain Hollow Farm it was a cheese and goulash making sort of day. It was a free day, and my farm host Beth and I had been talking about making cheese all week, so we started off by making cheese, Paneer cheese, aContinue reading “Sunday Funday, WWOOF Update”