Homelessness and Staying Human

Ever felt bad denying a homeless person help when you know you actually can help and you know they desperately need it? It sucks to look a person who is directly asking for help in the eyes and say “no, sorry I can’t help you” when you know you can probably help in some way.Continue reading “Homelessness and Staying Human”

Ecosia – Troll the internet, plant trees

Simple, easy way to help grow the chimpanzee population and help humans too

Palestine’s Fine: Chapter 1

The Allenby Bridge It was March and I had just finished a short trip to Petra, Jordan, where I had visited a woman named Sandra I had met on a bus earlier in my journey. She had instructed me how to get back to Israel, and I was arriving via taxi at the border, headingContinue reading “Palestine’s Fine: Chapter 1”

Apes and Palm Oil: How YOU can save orangutans with your groceries