Juul Wave

Take a walk outside any urban-ish area and you’ll likely find at least one of these colorful chaps dotting the sidewalk…


I first started collecting these thinking they were transformers, which I only know about from my trailer trash days in Aptos before coming to live in New York City. I used to pick them up because I thought they were pretty, enchanted by all the bright colors.

Then, a friend told me they were e-cigarette butts and I got mad! I couldn’t believe smokers were transferring their butt-flicking habit to this new plastic medium. Butt flickers!

Well, a smoker is a smoker, I suppose, and old habits die hard. Whether its regular cigarette butts or e-cigarette butts, these guys belong in the garbage, or perhaps they can be recycled or better yet, re-used. They certainly do not belong on the ground, where they will inevitably get swept “away”…eventually to end up in the belly of a bird or fish. We can do better. Who is responsible?


Headphones can be recycled

Headphone Cascade

Headphones can be recycled

Headphones collected during walks and bikerides through Brooklyn

I found this frame on the street (groundscore) and was organizing the scummy collection of battered headphones I’d gathered during walks and bikerides and voilà, the Headphone Cascade was born.

Headphones and charging cables are some of the most common e-waste items I encounter on city streets. Careful! They are recyclable and deserve a second life.

Plastic Bag Shower Curtain

Fused Plastic Bag Shower Curtain

Shower curtain made out of plastic bags ironed together.


Close up of fused-plastic grocery bag shower curtain.