Bikini Top and Hula Skirt

Made from fused plastic bags, straws, plastic utensils, and Juul pods


Garbage Dream Catcher

Garbage Dream Catcher

Garbage Dream Catcher

This dream catcher is made from found objects, twisty ties, and plastic bags.

The outer circle structure is made from twistie ties, wrapped together, and the inner webbing is made from strips of plastic bags. Everthing caught in the dream catcher was either picked up from the ground, or collected from bread bags, food containers, small plastic bits, byproducts from the kitchen.

My dream for this catcher is for humanity to use ecologically beneficial materials in all products so our waste nourishes, rather than contaminates, our environment.

Urban Mining

What is inside our phones?

There are precious metals in our phones including gold, thats why they are better recycled than thrown in the garbage or left in a drawer.


This piece is made from scraps leftover from an Urban Mining Expedition in the summer of 2018. Urban Mining is the act of salvaging valuable materials, such as copper and gold, from the inside of everyday electronic devices. The products can be redeemed for their cash value or recycled at their respective recycling facilities, or used to make an artful statement, which has been done here.

Creating this piece allowed me to explore the many pieces, materials, textures, and shapes inside cell phones ranging from the archaic flip phone to the modern smart phone.

It was much more difficult to get inside and take apart smart phones, see Right to Repair.

If you have any questions or would like advice on how to responsibly dispose of your old electronic devices, I’m here for you, please contact me or your local municipal recycling department 🙂

Headphones can be recycled

Headphone Cascade

Headphones can be recycled

Headphones collected during walks and bikerides through Brooklyn

I found this frame on the street (groundscore) and was organizing the scummy collection of battered headphones I’d gathered during walks and bikerides and voilĂ , the Headphone Cascade was born.

Headphones and charging cables are some of the most common e-waste items I encounter on city streets. Careful! They are recyclable and deserve a second life.

Plastic Bag Shower Curtain

Fused Plastic Bag Shower Curtain

Shower curtain made out of plastic bags ironed together.


Close up of fused-plastic grocery bag shower curtain.