SOL: S*** Outta Luck, or…Songs of Love?

Its a funny thing to get fired from an organization that nicknames itself “SOL.”

Well, thats what happened to me after an unfortunate difference of aesthetic opinions ended with me getting the ax at Songs of Love, a charity organization that makes music for kids that are sick or have special needs.

In any case, I have been meaning to write this up for a while, since the following topic is important.

One of the little girls I worked for while at Songs of Love is named Sophie, she is 2-ish years old and being treated for a type of cancer called Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma. Her family asked us to spread the word about their Go-Fund-Me Fundraiser, which was set up by a friend to help the family cover the cost of medical bills. I think it is a good cause, so I’m spreading the word. The fundraiseer is called Road to Recovery #cancer stinks, which can be reached by following this link:

Road to Recovery #cancerstinks


If you have a dollar to spare, please donate! And please spread the word. Every little bit helps, even positive thoughts and prayers.

This is Sophie. Songs of Love put together a song for her a few months back, which I hope she is enjoying.

If you’re curious about the songs produced by Songs of Love, you can check out the Songs of Love, Medicine of Music Spotify playlists.

Tchau tchau for now!



Be the great ape you are.






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