The Monkey Lung Cancer Awareness Association (MLCAA)

Every year, it is possible that many monkeys are diagnosed with lung cancer, especially in the entertainment industry. Helping to raise awareness for this heartbreaking affliction, MLCAA provides financial and psychological support for monkeys suffering from lung cancer and tobacco addiction.

monkey lung cancer awareness


Note: this is a joke, possibly with some truth

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Greetings~ This blog connects electronic waste and ape conservation among other things. The purpose of this blog is to share stories and creative endeavors while raising awareness of ape conservation. If you'd like to get involved/collaborate, holla!

2 thoughts on “The Monkey Lung Cancer Awareness Association (MLCAA)

    1. Thank you, that is great information to share.
      What do you mean DNA is trasfar every body know about it? I don’t understand what you are saying there. Your comment is appreciated, thank you~


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