Tennessee Bound

Hello readers,

Sorry if you already read this…I’m still trying to figure out this whole blog thing. I posted this the other day as a “page”, but now I’m making it a “post”, for continuity’s sake. So, anyway…

New plan, I am still heading out Tuesday (tomorrow), but instead of taking the Greyhound all the way to Tennessee, I will be making a pit stop in Arkansas to visit my old work buddy Zach and his lovely girlfriend. I’ll meet up with them in Little Rock and we will spend a few days in their new hometown Eureka Springs, which is a fairly progressive little city not too far away from the KKK national headquarters, I am told.

On the 19th, we’ll head over to Columbia, Missouri to see the total solar eclipse, and from there I will hop back on the Greyhound, destination Knoxville. I’ll stay the night in town and link up with my farm host in Knoxville (yesss! no taxi necessary) the next day and together we’ll head to Mountain Hollow Farm for the start of my next WWOOF adventure.

Here is a photo of my bus ticket, it is very long. I was surprised. My dear friend Carolyn, the Volcanologist, joked that it looks like a CVS receipt. badum-tish!


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