Tap Shoes and Practice Surfaces

A review of tap shoes on the market and what to practice on.

Change for Chimps Year-End Update

Near year-end update for Change for Chimps fundraiser project

There’s a Gnome in my Pumpkin; DIY Toothpaste

From Gnomes to DIY toothpaste to tap dancing legends, just another Weekend Update from the mind of Kelly

Palestine’s Fine Excerpt: Peace in the Middle East Tea

Geranium, Sage, and Mint, a tea recipe to foster peace within and without.

Travelling Junebug Updates: Boredom, Farewell Goat Farm, Hello New York

Hello Reader-Friends! Well, my Tennessee adventure has come to a close with mixed feelings of relief and a tinge of remorse; yes, remorse. How can I sanely leave behind that beautiful setting and that peace: tucked away in a mountain hollow–the creek, the goats, the chorus of crickets and starry nights, the wide open spaces–howContinue reading “Travelling Junebug Updates: Boredom, Farewell Goat Farm, Hello New York”

Palestine’s Fine: Introduction

This is a story about when I accidentally went to Palestine in the Winter of 2014. “Wait what? This bus is going to Palestine?” Surprised, yet not utterly shocked by my circumstance, I was both intrigued and alarmed by the situation at hand. How did I get myself HERE? I wondered. No stranger to pickles, thisContinue reading “Palestine’s Fine: Introduction”

MacGruber Wreath- Step-by-Step

Calling all Crafters and Florists: What can you do with unbent paperclips, some twine, and stuff you collect in the forrest…make a wreath! If you’re clever, like McGruber, you can make this without spending a dime. Here’s how: You will need: the great outdoors clippers collect: moss ivy hearty foliage (like so…) an assortment ofContinue reading “MacGruber Wreath- Step-by-Step”

Weekend Update – Yarn Store

Hello all, Just another weekend update from Mountain Hollow Farm over in Tazewell, Tennessee. This week I spent hours and hours shovelling shit. It was good. And I finished burning that wood pile…see before and after…(Notice the giant pile of sticks and logs behind the burning pile of wood), …and now its pretty close toContinue reading “Weekend Update – Yarn Store”