Monkey Business

Hello All, This time last year I was leaving Germany, California bound. Saying goodbye to all the strange foods, people and places…. Cue dream sequence sound bite (click here): There was the.. German foods with Jello    Gimmicky American packaged food at Netto  Ewok messages, vintage scooters, and clever business combos    Spock-packs   elfie hair and outfits … More Monkey Business

Travelling Junebug Updates: Boredom, Farewell Goat Farm, Hello New York

Hello Reader-Friends! Well, my Tennessee adventure has come to a close with mixed feelings of relief and a tinge of remorse; yes, remorse. How can I sanely leave behind that beautiful setting and that peace: tucked away in a mountain hollow–the creek, the goats, the chorus of crickets and starry nights, the wide open spaces–how … More Travelling Junebug Updates: Boredom, Farewell Goat Farm, Hello New York

Palestine’s Fine Excerpt: Chapter 1

Chapter 1 The Allenby Bridge “Wait what? This bus is going to Palestine?” Ruh-roh. also: …. second 31. The West Bank was exactly the place I did NOT want to be going. Surprised, yet not utterly shocked by my circumstance, I was both intrigued and a bit afraid of what was coming next. People had … More Palestine’s Fine Excerpt: Chapter 1

Sunday Funday

Hello All, Happy Sunday, again. Made it through another week, again, with a full moon, woo! Updates from Mountain Hollow Farm: The male goats are in “Rut” which to me means smell really bad and are feelin’ frisky. Apparently they do all sorts of gross stuff to make themselves “attractive” to the female goats, who … More Sunday Funday

Tennessee Bound

Hello readers, Sorry if you already read this…I’m still trying to figure out this whole blog thing. I posted this the other day as a “page”, but now I’m making it a “post”, for continuity’s sake. So, anyway… New plan, I am still heading out Tuesday (tomorrow), but instead of taking the Greyhound all the … More Tennessee Bound