Diary of a Sailing Lunchlady

See that toilet bowl scum?

That, my friends, is the first thing I noticed when I walked into my assigned room aboard the SS Minnow this year–Merchaint Marine Training Ship (name changed to protect privacy of vessel), April to June: San Fran to El Salvador, to Hawaii, to Seattle, and back.

Thank god I would only be working 2 months, and thank god all that green slime came off after striking a deal with my head-mate (i.e. the girl I shared this bathroom with)…she brings the cleaning supplies, I clean the toilet first.

And so it went.

Now, I have done this lunchlady gig for the past 4 summers. This one may have been my last, but we’ll see. Last year I worked for 4 months, the rest of the times its only been 2. All in all, I’d say this was my most successful cruise, all things considered. No co-worker drama (last year, I thought my headmate wanted to kill me, so I’d always enter the bathroom with my knife drawn and quickly dash to lock her door from the indside so she couldn’t sneak attack me– dramatic yes, but it felt safer that way, and comical in a ninja warrior way); no Napoleon-complex officers calling the galley staff  (kitchen crew) “lazy and negligent,” blaming us for what was probably 10 years of built up kitchen scum, and no getting called to the captains office for allegedly fraternizing with boys. Yes, this year was a very good year.

More to come, stay tuned…



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