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Tonight I wanted to write up a quick little homage to Jane Gooddall who  turned 85 today. It’s also my sister’s birthday, happy b-day sisser!

Dr. Gooddall was a waitress with a dream, who at 27 fulfilled her lifelong goal of going to Africa to live in the wild and study chimpanzees. Decades later, she is still working her butt off, traveling much of the year all around the world spreading her message of hope. She is all about hope and wants everyone to realize that each one of us matters and has a roll to play, even if we don’t know what that roll is yet. She wants us all to know that every one of us can make a difference each day with the choices we make, and it is up to us to make ethical choices in our everyday lives, from the way we treat people and the planet to the way we spend money, being conscious of the impacts our choices have on other human beings, creatures, and the planet.

Since I watched her give a talk today and in case you didn’t also see it, I wanted to relay the message to you and hope that Dr. Gooddall’s words and actions reach, inspire, and encourage you like they do me.

Happy early Earth Day!




Also, in case you have been interested in the tap dancing subject, here is a video I took today at a free show in Brownsville, Brooklyn. The show was put on by City Center, a fancy theatre in Manhattan, and was part of a series of shows aimed at bringing top-quality performances to communities that don’t normally get to see these types of shows. Here is a clip! The show was put together by tap dancer Ayodele Casel, who I’ve written about before, and features Naomi Funaki, my favorite joyful tap dancer friend who I’ve also written about before, when she performed at Amateur Night at the legendary Apollo Theatre in Harlem.


Oh, and this one’s for you Lom: Hasidic scooter life

Williamsburg, Brookyln 2019

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