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Hello all, it is time I write about the not so exciting, but very important topic of electronic waste recycling.

Below is a running list of electronic devices I have found on the streets over the past 3 months and am storing in my apartment. They were all left out with regular garbage collection, destined for the landfill. I scooped them up and am now figuring out how to recycle them. Why do I do this? Its for the conservation of chimps, gorillas, and humans alike. When electronics are thrown in the garbage, valuable resources are sent to the landfill, never to be reclaimed and reused. Instead, raw materials must be mined to make new electronics. The raw materials for electronics come from parts of Africa where chimpanzees and gorillas live. Child labor is sometimes used to process mined materials. It is the ultimate waste and a serious conservation issue.

Dell  Vostro PC – Windows 7 home prem OA – mailed to Dell for recyclingLG computer screen Flatron E2211PU-BNSony LCD color tv model no: klv-s19A10 (HEAVY) serial no 7016499HP printer – photosmart C4600 SeriesLenovo laptop – Thinkpad T430s and chargerPanasonic dvd player, DVD-S27
Dell Optiplex Sx270, model no: DCT (~15lbs), mailed to dell for recyclingDell monitor and keyboard – model no. 1504 fp (~30lbs) – mailed to dell for recyclingInsignia LCD tv model no NS-L 19Q-10A – mailed to Dell for recyclingEpson Printer Stylus NX300 model C362ASony DVD player/Video Casette Recorder Model No – SLV-D300P
Dell monitor- model no 1702fp Rev A01 17”RCA 32” HD LED TV Model No – RT3205-CEmerson DVD Player – Model # EWD7004 (1800-256-2487 for help with operating) – mailed to dell for reycling
Intertek – LE (brand?) Super4 X43 Pro – LED Tv – 38” X 23” HEAVY probably 40lbs
     Maybe the brand is called – Le Shi Zhi Xin Electronic Technology (Tianjin) Limited
Cooler Master haf 392
Samsung – Standard Telvision Receiving Apparatus Model Code UN32J5003AFXZA Version No LS03Samson – servo-170 studio amplifier 85 watt stereo – heavy ~30 lbs
Panasonic High Definition Plasma Television, model TH-42PX600U (70 lbs)
E-waste Collected from Streets Casually March-June 2020

Let us note that in NYC, it has been illegal to throw out electronics with regular garbage since 2015, with the looming threat of a $100 fine for doing so. This legislation was passed to protect human and environmental health. Who knows how strictly this law is enforced. I see e-waste in the garbage frequently. Each state has its own way of dealing with electronic waste, mind you. In California, it is not illegal to throw out E-waste, but there is a tax imposed when you buy electronic devices that is meant to cover the cost of recycling at the end of the product’s life cycle.

Now, with Covid, there have been no places open to recycle electronics. Whereas in the past there was free curbside pick-up and various free drop off sites around for people to dispose of electronic waste, everything has been shut down, leaving no convenient options for people to responsibly dispose of their e-waste. No wonder they are opting to dump them as trash.

Luckily, I am obsessed with this topic and have been doing some research. Here is what I have found.

Dell’s Free Mail-In Recycling Programs (Click Here)

These are free program anyone can use, regardless of whether you’re a Dell customer or not. The programs are simple. You can send Dell old electronics of any brand, in any condition, and they will recycle the items for free. The fine print requests a limit of 5 “systems” per customer. You can load as many items into each package so long as you do not exceed the maximum allowable package weight of 150 lbs. You do have to supply your own packaging materials and print out a shipping label, but otherwise, this is a very convenient, free recycling option. Fed Ex will come to your door to pick up the package.

The items can be recycled through the Dell’s mail-return program are limited to the following categories:

  • Notebook//laptop
  • PC//CPU
  • CRT Monitor
  • LCD Monitor
  • Printer//Scanner
  • Other “Dell” Branded products

In addition, Dell offers a trade-in program where you can send in select electronic items of various brands and receive a Dell gift card.

For an overview of Dell’s electronic sourcing policies, click here.

To date, I have sent in only one item through the Dell program. I am in the midst of researching other local options, as some of the items I have found are quite heavy and may be easier to recycle through a local company. I will have to pay a fee for this service at this time, since none of the free drop off sites are open at this point (Goodwill, Best Buy, Staples, Salvation Army). Luckily, I have Citizen’s Committee grant for this. Woo.

Another topic I wanted to bring up before wrapping up this article is the subject of buying refurbished electronics instead of brand new ones. The site: Back Market is an online retailer of refurbished electronics with excellent ethos and is doing a tremendous job to reduce electronic waste. Their products are inspected and tested by knowledgeable technicians and brought back to working condition, ready for a second life. Their prices are significantly lower than brand new items and come with a 1 year warranty. If you don’t need the newest product on the market, consider purchasing your next electronic device through Back Market to support reuse, recycling, and repair. It will support a good company, reduce the amount of e-waste being sent to landfill, and best of all, improve your karma.

Bye for now,


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