Chimpanzee Sanctuaries and Towards Zero Waste Living Year 4

Zero waste living ideas and a starter list of chimpanzee sanctuaries to look into

Art and Adventure for Ape Conservation, Fall Greetings

Tap dancers, vaudevillian music, eco-living ideas, World Chimpanzee Day year 4, and a long overdue hello!

EWAP Final Report

Conclusions from NYC Citizens Committee 2020 Grant Funded Electronic Waste Awareness Project

EWAP Update: Part IV

EWAP update #4, plastic-free housecleaning, and a nudge to introduce plastic free shipping at Amazon

New Fad Diets- “Eating for your A-hole” and The Zero Waste Diet

Diet ideas to nourish your colon and the planet.

EWAP Update: Part III

Happy belated World Chimpanzee Day III, EWAP Updates, and new music video collab for a dance class

EWAP Update: Part II

EWAP chronicles of responsibly handling electronic waste, today’s top tap dancers, and pet insurance.

EWAP Findings: Part I

Updates on The Electronic Waste Awareness Project, how to recycle electronics during Covid, and a reliable online Refurbished Electronics Retailer