Chimp Conservation From Home


Use Ecosia, its a search engine like Google that donates a tree each time you search something using their platform.

Ecosia has partnered with the Jane Gooddall Institute to restore chimpanzee habitat, donating trees to families in the Congo which has had so many benefits including promoting community, restoration of nature, and a offering a new source of income to families. All of this has occured through our internet searches, which is amazing.   Download Ecosia, its such an easy way to help the world from home. See video : From Coal Mining to Planting Trees.


Use your cell phone, tablet, and all electronic devices as long as possible rather than going for the next miniscute smartphone model update. Electronic devices are made from materials that come from Great Ape habitat in the Congo and the more we mine there, the more Chimps and Gorillas are losing habitat.


Recycle your old electronics, that will also reduce the need for mining.