Ecosia – Troll the internet, plant trees

Want an easy way to do something good for the world while you surf the web? Aka effortlessly?

Switch from Google to Ecosia! is like, but instead of supporting who-knows who or what like google, each time you search something though the Ecosia search engine, a tree is planted.

The idea was started by someone in Germany named Joshi. You can set up the Ecosia search engine on your computer by going to Check it out! Takes less than 5 minutes and will make a great impact starting the moment you make the switch. So far, Ecosia has planted more than 20 million trees in several different countries facing deforestation problems, all made possible through internet searches.

Planting trees helps restore ecosystems and soil fertility, enabling people in once deforested areas to once again grow food, rise out of poverty, and send their kids to school. Thats good!

Whats more, Ecosia has partnered with the Jane Gooddall Institute to plant trees in Chimpanzee habitat in Uganda. This will promote species health and help the chimpanzee population stabilize into the future. Here is a nice video of Jane Gooddall talking to the founder of Ecosia about their new partnership.

And another video to help illuminate the impact Ecosia is making around the world. Your surfing can improve the livelihoods of others make the switch!

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Greetings~ This blog connects electronic waste and ape conservation among other things. The purpose of this blog is to share stories and creative endeavors while raising awareness of ape conservation. If you'd like to get involved/collaborate, holla!

2 thoughts on “Ecosia – Troll the internet, plant trees

  1. Hi!

    Happy New Year and thanks for this info. : )

    Going to look into it and hopefully promote it too.

    I’ll be sending out a newsletter soon-ish.

    On another note, I had to close my Facebook account you were following but I do have an Instagram acct in case you’re interested. It’s @deborahmoss_art

    Anyway …. have a great day and I have another of your blogs to catch up on so will read that too.

    All the best and hope your dancing is going well.

    Take care, Deborah

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    1. Hi Deborah, thank you for your nice message! Its good to hear from you and to hear you’re looking into Ecosia, I was into it before…but when I learned they partnered with JGI to plant trees in “chimpanzee corridors”…it was LOVE. I’m sure you will ❤ it the same 🙂 Will look into your insta! I recently directed another artist friend of mine to look at how you do your site/the tree planting detail as she's just starting to put her art online and sell…It was good inspiration for her. Thanks for doing what you do! And for remembering my tapping, its goin! Hugs, Kelly


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