New Fad Diets- “Eating for your A-hole” and The Zero Waste Diet

Not to be confused with any other combination of those words, eating for one’s a-hole is a diet idea inspired by a Subway Ad declaring colon cancer the #2 cause of cancer in New York City. No pun intended. No disrespect either. Colon cancer is no joke, which is why I am sharing this idea.

The diet concept is simple, every food that enters the mouth is considered in terms of its way out of the body– whether or not the food will nourish the colon.

This diet thus includes high fiber foods: lentils, chick peas, fruit, nuts, seeds, vegetables, carrots, oatmeal. Basically, a healthy diet. Rabbit like. Nothing new. The only novel element here is training the mind to consider and reach primarily for foods that benefit the colon. Shoot for 30 grams of fiber per day. Just remember, when you are eating anything, eat for your a-hole. You’ll thank yourself later.

In addition to eating for your a-hole, I’d like to put in a good word in for the Zero Waste Diet. This diet idea is also simple and will impact shopping and purchasing habits more than anything. The concept, which is probably not new, is to buy food with limited packaging. Why? To benefit the macro-body, Mama Earth, as well as our individual bodies.

Like eating for one’s a-hole, the Zero Waste Diet is heavily focused on the way out. It considers waste generated by eating in terms of environmental impact. The diet is thus comprised of foods that come in their own natural packaging, ie fruits, veggies, nuts, etc with rinds, shells, husks, etc. These foods leave us with no garbage in the end, only compostable material. Bulk bins and farmers markets are critical elements to a zero waste diet, as is bringing re-usable shopping and produce bags along on shopping excursions.

When package free is not possible, paper, cardboard, glass, and metal are preferred packaging options. Plastic is the least preferred packaging option since it is very difficult if not impossible to dispose of and poses environmental and human health risks.

A final component of the Zero Waste Diet is being resourceful and creative. Observing our personal waste footprint can lead us to find new ways to reduce plastic consumption and little by little lead us down the path towards a zero waste diet and lifestyle. For example, recently I have learned how to make my own hummus and nut milks, so now I am free from having to buy packaged milks and hummus. Two steps closer to zero waste livin’. It feels good. Join me!

(This is an original sketch digitized and colored in by Enhance Graphic Design Team, hence watermark)

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