Towards Zero Waste Living Year 3

Reflections on my journey to zero waste living, year 3.

New Fad Diets- “Eating for your A-hole” and The Zero Waste Diet

Diet ideas to nourish your colon and the planet.

Toothpaste Recipe

Simple toothpaste recipe to promote container reuse. Great Ape living.

Zero Waste Strategies, Tap Dance, and Street Performing

Zero-waste lifestyle tips, guitar-tap dance fusion, busking in NYC, ficus plants, and a garbage dream catcher

There’s a Gnome in my Pumpkin; DIY Toothpaste

From Gnomes to DIY toothpaste to tap dancing legends, just another Weekend Update from the mind of Kelly

Palestine’s Fine Excerpt: Peace in the Middle East Tea

Geranium, Sage, and Mint, a tea recipe to foster peace within and without.

Inspiration to give up plastic straws for good: Turtle Noses

Shocking video reveals where plastic straw might end up…and it ain’t pretty

Organics – What to buy and what you can let slide

Tips for responsble shopping: good news, some things don’t HAVE to be organic…

Less Garbage, More Gardens (throwback article, first foray into journalism)

Here’s an article I wrote back in 200something about the Santa Cruz Community Compost Company, hopefully more to come, enjoy!