The Electronic Waste Awareness Project

The Electronic Waste Awareness Project (EWAP) increases electronic waste recycling, reuse, and repair rates.

EWAP received grant funding in 2019 by the NYC Citizen’s Committee. The Grant was a Reduce, Reuse, Repair Grant.

Over the course of the year, the project diverted ~40 large electronic items (~900lbs) from the landfill. These items were dumped on sidewalks but re-routed to be recycled by EWAP. 

Electronics contain valuable materials such as gold, tin, and copper that can be reclaimed and reused if put in the right hands. They also contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment and living creatures, so they need to be disposed of properly to prevent unnecessary contamination.

2020 EWAP Updates

Here is a video to explain the issue further:

What can we do?

  • Buy less
  • Upgrade only when you really need to
  • Buy 2nd hand/refurbished from places like BackMarket
  • Repair your own electronics if possible (see IFixit for how-to manuals or get them repaired by pros)
  • Create demand for Fair Trade Electronics like Fairphone
  • Re-sell items that still work or donate them to places like Goodwill and Salvation Army
  • Recycle items that no longer work – take to drop of centers like Staples and Best Buy or mail back to manufacturers (if they provide this service). There are many free recycling options, you just have to do your research or ask the manufacturer
  • Contact local representatives to ask for free, convenient e-waste recycling services

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