The Electronic Waste Awareness Project

The Electronic Waste Awareness Projects Seeks to increase electronic waste recycling and repair rates.

According to one article, only 29% of Electronic Waste gets recycled. Why not 100%?

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Here are ways to recycle e-waste:

  1. Bring to recycling drop off events
  2. Bring to certain retailers
    1. Best Buy
    2. Goodwill and Salvation Army
    3. Mail in companies
  3. Schedule Curbside pick up, some cities provide this incredible service. In places like NYC, where it is hard to get around if you don’t have a car, and most people don’t, curbside collection is an incredible resource that makes it extremely convenient for the general public to recycle e-waste

Even Better, repair your device and keep using it instead of upgrading!

If we stop upgrading, companies wont release as many dumb, minute product upgrades because they will know that we aren’t taking the bait. They will learn they wont be able to make as much money off of us because we will be telling them with our not buying, that we don’t want it. Simple.

For repair information – check out the IFixit Website for tools and tutorials on how to repair your own devices.

Electronic Waste DOES NOT BELONG IN THE GARBAGE. Not to get all litigious here, but it is actually illegal to throw e-waste in the garbage. Electronics contain valuable materials such as gold, that can be reclaimed and reused if put in the right hands. They also contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment and living creatures, so they need to be disposed of properly to prevent unnecessary contamination. So recycle, ya knuckleheads.