Zero Waste Living Strategies

Below are some articles that will help you live like a truly great ape.

Zero Waste Living Strategies

Ecosia – a search engine (like Google) that uses its revenue to plant trees, search the internet, reforest the planet

Organics – What to buy and what you can let slide – a list that indicates which fruits and veggies are better to buy organic and which are fine to buy non-organic

Inspiration to give up plastic straws for good: Turtle Noses – why its good to say no thank you to plastic straws

Chimp Conservation at Home – Never seen a chimp IRL but like the idea of them, here’s some things you can do at home to assist the conservation movement

Apes and Palm Oil: How YOU can save orangutans with your groceries – a list of groceries that contribute to deforestation and endanger Orangutan species survival

Right to Repair – empowering consumers to repair their own electronics at home, to extend the useful life of electronics and combat planned obsolescence

Going Ape for Fair Trade Electronics – a Fair-Trade phone is on the market in Europe, stay tuned

Sustainable Business Review: Made Line Jewelry – Fair Mined Jewelry – fair-trade metals for jewelry

Sustainable Business Review: Hand-made Shoes in Austin, Tx and the Triple Bottom Line – taking more than financial costs into consideration when making purchases to promote long-term environmental health