Toothpaste Recipe

Simple toothpaste recipe to promote container reuse. Great Ape living.

Zero Waste Strategies, Tap Dance, and Street Performing

Zero-waste lifestyle tips, guitar-tap dance fusion, busking in NYC, ficus plants, and a garbage dream catcher

Going Ape for Fair Trade Electronics

From Fair Trade Chocolate to Fair Trade Electronics, raising awareness of a growing movement

Ecosia – Troll the internet, plant trees

Simple, easy way to help grow the chimpanzee population and help humans too

Hay Day, A Near Miss, and Poke Berries (WWOOF Update)

Hello hello family, friends, et al. The last week at Mountain Hollow Farm has been pretty quiet, but eventful in a way. Two days ago I accidentally ran over one of the goats! Oh no! I know what you’re thinking…”Kelly, you’re horrible.” I know. It was horrible, but he’s ok! Miracle. Limping a bit, butContinue reading “Hay Day, A Near Miss, and Poke Berries (WWOOF Update)”

Diary of a Sailing Lunchlady

See that toilet bowl scum? That, my friends, is the first thing I noticed when I walked into my assigned room aboard the SS Minnow in 2017. It was my fourth year working as Lunchlady, and I would be on the ship for 120 days, from April to June, travelling from San Francisco to El Salvador, Hawaii, Seattle,Continue reading “Diary of a Sailing Lunchlady”

Tennessee Bound – Missouri

Hello All, At the greyhound station in Columbia, Missouri, where I’ve spent the last few days waiting for the solar eclipse. Highlights here– heat, the solar eclipse, and electrosensitivity. During my few days here in Columbia, I had the pleasure of meeing a woman with a condition I’d never heard of before, known as electrosensativity.Continue reading “Tennessee Bound – Missouri”

The Devil Wears Plaid Kilts

“Just another manic Monday” is playing on the radio as I drive the studio’s rented white minivan to pick up the kilt and circle glasses wearing ginger costume designer and drive him to the studio. I am a production assistant, all of the sudden. Don’t ask how I ended up with this job in myContinue reading “The Devil Wears Plaid Kilts”