There’s a Gnome in my Pumpkin; DIY Toothpaste

From Gnomes to DIY toothpaste to tap dancing legends, just another Weekend Update from the mind of Kelly

Palestine’s Fine Excerpt: Peace in the Middle East Tea

Geranium, Sage, and Mint, a tea recipe to foster peace within and without.

Clotaire on “Environmental Activism”

An article on Word Choice: to “sustain” or to “flourish”…that is the question.

Happy World Chimpanzee Day

First Ever World Chimpanzee Day, Lets Celebrate!

Inspiration to give up plastic straws for good: Turtle Noses

Shocking video reveals where plastic straw might end up…and it ain’t pretty

Sustainable Business Review: Hand-made Shoes in Austin, Tx and the Triple Bottom Line

Review of Sustainable Shoe Company in Austin Texas

Palestine’s Fine: Introduction

This is a story about when I accidentally went to Palestine in the Winter of 2014. “Wait what? This bus is going to Palestine?” Surprised, yet not utterly shocked by my circumstance, I was both intrigued and alarmed by the situation at hand. How did I get myself HERE? I wondered. No stranger to pickles, thisContinue reading “Palestine’s Fine: Introduction”

Chimpanzee Sanctuaries YOU can visit

Found image in google search for Chimfunshi….originally from somewhere on this site:

Diary of a Sailing Lunchlady

See that toilet bowl scum? That, my friends, is the first thing I noticed when I walked into my assigned room aboard the SS Minnow in 2017. It was my fourth year working as Lunchlady, and I would be on the ship for 120 days, from April to June, travelling from San Francisco to El Salvador, Hawaii, Seattle,Continue reading “Diary of a Sailing Lunchlady”


For Tina It was supposed to be the storm of the century when we set off on our bike trip down the California coast. New Years Day, 2016. Me, Katrina, and Jansyn. I met Katrina back in college when we worked together for the UCSB recycling program, riding bikes around campus, collecting cans, and redeemingContinue reading “Fidlar”